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Team Fortress 2 announces Festive Fisticuffs 2022 Charity Tournament – Effinate Games

Team Fortress 2 has revealed its latest charity event, and it wouldn’t be a Team Fortress event without plenty of fighting and screaming.

The event seeks to help a Ukraine-based charity by having players duke it out in celebratory brawls with the help of the Heavy Weapons Guy.

The event starts on December 9th and runs until December 18th, but players interested in participating must register by December 7th or they could end up losing their spot in the brawl.

Here is a description of Team Fortress 2 event:

The Fortress Faceoffs group is here to present their last event of the year, and perhaps the most important of them all! Festive Fisticuffs 2022 is a callback to the event that started it all, featuring your favorite matches and parties between your very own teams of seven festive Heavies!

This time it’s something special for everyone! The event group supports Razom for Ukraine charity fund that allows donations throughout the event period to prepare medical care for Ukrainian citizens affected by the war!

The goal of the event is to raise $2,500 dollars for the cause, anyone willing to help can either donate TF2 items or money.

You can check more of the event details here.

Team Fortress 2 has been available to MacOS, Linux and Microsoft Windows (through Steam)

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