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Tank Company, a 15v15 real-time multiplayer battler, is out now on Android – Effinate Games

A few months ago, NetEase Games announced that they were working on a mobile tank battle called Tank Company that would feature action-packed 15v15 battles between these fierce vehicles on iconic maps from throughout history. Players will find themselves commanding realistic tanks and weapons that have been used in the past, with which they will participate in large-scale real-time battles. Today, the game has finally launched on Android.

In Tank Company, players will fight in real tanks used in World War II and during the Cold War at launch. In the coming months, tanks from several nations will also be introduced. Overall, there are five categories to choose from – light, medium and heavy tanks, tank destroyers and self-propelled artillery. Each of these will have its advantages in combat ranging from stealth to scouting and armor protection. Each player will also have their roles such as a support unit and long range sniper.

The game’s multiplayer mode will pit players against each other, but the terrain will be as much an enemy as any other tank. Some maps are almost a million square meters in size, where real battles were fought.

Players can expect to find themselves in unforgiving places like burning deserts, cities covered in snow, abandoned factories and more such areas. The terrain will play a crucial role in pre-planning, as players must choose tanks that best suit the region in question.

Progression in Tank Company will follow a tier-based system where players can go from Tier I, all the way up to Tier VIII. The stats and available weapons will continue to increase as players rise through the ranks. The game will also feature additional modes such as Hide and Seek, Low Gravity and more. To top it off, players who log in two days in a row will earn a special Pre-launch Avatar, Premium Account for one day, 100,000 Silver Coins, 5,000 Global EXP and 10 controllable EXP bonus items.

Start fighting now by downloading Tank Company for free on Google Play.

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