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Tallowmere 2 lets you join forces with friends in a roguelike platformer, coming to mobile on September 30th – Effinate Games

Developer Chris McFarland has announced the upcoming launch of Tallowmere 2, which lets players dive into a rogue-like platformer to follow the story (or tail?) of Lady Tallowmere and her kittens. Coming to iOS and Android on September 30, the game includes cross-platform support, allowing players to join in the fun during online co-op. In Tallowmere 2, players can look forward to putting their own skills to the test to see how many rooms they can clear across the action-packed roguelike dungeon platformer. They will have to search for the key in each room they stumble into and defeat their enemies or make good use of their shields to get through unscathed. Players can obtain a variety of weapons and boons to increase their survivability, as well as level up and collect potions to earn them in a pinch. … [MORE]

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