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Talking Tom Time Rush, a new endless runner within the vast Talking Tom franchise, opens pre-registration for Android – Effinate Games

Developer Outfit 7 has announced a new entry in the hugely popular Talking Tom franchise, this time an endless runner called Talking Tom Time Rush. A departure from the series’ status quo, this one sees you take Tom and all his friends on a journey through different time periods as you dodge obstacles, collect gold bars and try to pass each section.

Talking Tom is an interesting franchise, to say the least. What began as a simple app that allowed you to talk to a cartoon cat has now evolved into sequels, spinoffs, and other character conversation apps like Speaking Angela or Talking Ben The Dog. The list is almost endless today, so these have definitely been a hit.

None of them have ever really clicked with me, as the content has never gone beyond simple cosmetic unlocks for your chosen character in the app, and at most you can get some light puzzle play. But Talking Tom Time Rush, along with its prequel Talking Tom Gold Runseems to act as a big leap forward as they both seem to hold some challenging endless runners in the same vein as temple race or Underground surfers.

In Time Rush you will not only be able to play the legendary Tom himself, but also his friends with e.g. the previously mentioned Angela, Ben The Dog, Hank, Ginger and Becca. All of these characters appear in or were in a previous game Talking Tom Friendsso fans of these simulation titles will have a field day with all their favorites tackling different time periods.

Of course, if you’ve played an endless runner, you know what to expect. Three separate lanes that you can dip and weave between as obstacles come at you from the top of the screen. You will collect currency which will lead to more unlocks and new stages and so on.

If you’re a fan of the genre or the franchise itself, you can currently pre-register for Talking Tom Time Rush at the link below! There is currently no iOS page up yet, so stay tuned for pre-order options on that end.

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