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Tales Weaver: Second Run, a reimagining of the 18 year old MMO, opens up pre-registration for Japanese audiences – Effinate Games

Nexon has opened up pre-registrations for their next big release – a top-down action RPG titled Tales Weaver: Second Run. This release is actually based on an 18 year old MMO property of the same name, hence the Other Run part of the title. Using modern visuals, a prettier anime art style, and a control scheme perfectly suited to the mobile platform, this remake of the game looks to introduce modern audiences to one of Nexon’s oldest properties out there.

Second Run is, frankly, less of a sequel or a remake and more of its own thing. Although the PC version still exists, this new version introduces a completely new story along with gameplay systems that are completely different from the MMO predecessor, so the only crossover lies in some of the characters and the title itself.

This new action RPG will see you embark on an epic high fantasy tale full of magical characters, legendary swords and plenty of heroic achievements to fulfill. Combat will be played from a top-down perspective with a list of skills that the hero you are currently playing can use.

These skills will be on a time-based cooldown system that can be used depending on their strength, which will then determine how long the intervals between uses will be. Of course, there will be a decent-sized cast of characters to choose from, each with their own skills to bring to battle, so there’s quite a bit of variety here. You’ll end up getting attached to the playstyle of a character in particular, and you’ll be able to level them up to your heart’s content to take them through all the content available.

Tales Weaver: Second Run will only be available in Japan for now, with no word on localization efforts yet. Until then, you can pre-register for the game at official website to get ahead of the curve and take advantage of the freebies listed above that will be distributed to those who pre-register when the game launches.

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