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Tales of Symphonia Remastered gets first gameplay block – Effinate Games

Bandai Namco shared the first gameplay recently announced Tales of Symphonia remastered at Tokyo Game Show 2022.

Here is the new block of gameplay:

Editor’s note: PS4 gameplay at 38:00, Switch gameplay at 45:00

Bandai Namco also detailed the improvements in the new remaster:

Graphical improvements

  • Improved graphics of main characters
  • Improved 2D graphics for OP movies and skits etc.
  • Improved natural expressions on the world map and graphics of some objects

Functional improvements and changes

  • Functionality to skip events (it is now possible to skip some event movies and skits)
  • Frame rate stabilization for some techniques
  • Improved handling of movement at sea

Tales of Symphonia remastered coming sometime in early 2023 for Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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