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T3 Arena’s mid-season update brings the highly anticipated ranked mode and some more content – Effinate Games

It’s been just over a month since XD Inc launched Season 3: Transform in its multiplayer shooter T3 Arena. It introduced a ton of career features, a new playable character, and the Gigamine Cave map. Now, XD further builds on this with a mid-season update that adds more skins, the long-awaited ranked mode, events and certain improvements.

Let’s kick things off with the main attraction of this update, especially for competitive players, the Ranked Mode. T3 Arena’s highly anticipated Ranked Mode is available for three game modes – Control, Payload Escort and Clash. The entire mode is designed around the principles of fairness, competitiveness and honor.

As it presents a significant challenge, players must first prove they are up to the task. Being able to participate in the ranked mode requires players to have experience with at least nine heroes in addition to unlocking 1500 trophies. Both battle types are available – solos and ready-made teams of three.

Matchmaking is entirely tier-based, and only the player’s ranked tier will be taken into account. None of the trophy counts or glory badges will matter at this point. Choosing the right heroes will be an extremely crucial factor in deciding the winner.

To make the gameplay more tactical, players will choose their heroes after knowing the map they will be in. This will allow everyone to strategically make decisions based on what the map offers. If your choice of heroes can reap benefits from the card, then you’re already in the lead.

The last new feature part of this mid-season update is called Hero Wishlist. It does what it says and creates a list of heroes that players currently want to unlock. Players must select a hero from the Grand, Epic, and Mythic rarities that they wish to obtain. Once selected, the rumble crates will have an increased drop rate of these fading heroes, so choose wisely!

Level up the competition in the ranked mode by downloading T3 Arena for free now.

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