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Surviving the Abyss announced, a new deep sea survival sim – Effinate Games

Publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Rocket Flair Studios have announced Surviving the Abyssa new deep sea sim.

Surviving the Abyss launched for Windows PC (via Steam Early Access) on 17 January 2023.

Here is an overview of Surviving the Abyssplus a reveal trailer:

Surviving the Abyss

Earth, 1976. The Cold War is in full swing and you have been tasked with constructing and managing a deep sea research facility working to perfect and weaponize human cloning. Survive against the odds in the merciless abyss, conserving oxygen, power, food and more to keep your crew alive. Discover and mine resources for construction, light your way in the dark, explore and expand into your surroundings to advance your research. Capture the deep’s diverse, highly adapted flora and fauna, but beware: the darkness hides unexpected horrors, where only the light keeps them at bay.

Be a supervisor

  • Lead a team of scientists conducting genetic experiments on local wildlife on the ocean floor.
  • Keep your population healthy, obedient and alive as you expand your base and discover the secrets of cloning and genetic research.
  • Improve the life and progress of your facility by researching advanced technologies.
  • The fate of your crew is in your hands! Make decisive decisions through the event system.

Expand your base

  • Ensure the survival of your crew by planning, placing and building critical infrastructure for manufacturing, research and life support.
  • Expand and optimize your base and its available resources. Connect your buildings and mining facilities efficiently with tunnels and power lines.
  • Overcome the uneven terrain of the seabed with smart planning and vertical construction.

Explore the darkness

  • Build light pylons and push back the darkness to expand your base.
  • Secure resources far away from your main base by using exploration submarines and outposts.
  • Prevent disaster by ensuring that power does not fail, along with life support and light sources.

Face your fear

  • Your crew senses it, and so do you. Something lurks at the edge of the darkness, squirming and sizzling.
  • Darkness is danger, light is safety. Don’t turn off the light.

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