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Super Mario 64 0xA press challenge returns, tortures Bully enemy for 21 hours – Effinate Games

There are plenty of tricky stars to collect in Super Mario 64, from Shoot into the Wild Blue in Whomp’s Fortress to looting the Sunken Ship in Jolly Roger Bay. Elevator Tour in the Volcano, a Star mission in Lethal Lava Land, requires Mario to enter the titular volcano and make it through an obstacle course – and now some clever players have found a way to do it without ever pressing A button.

Some background information is required here. The “0xA challenge” in Super Mario 64 is considered one of the toughest among the game’s community. As the name suggests, it requires you to complete parts of the game without ever pressing the A button, causing Mario to jump. Only certain stars can be collected without jumping, and finding new ones is a highly respectable discovery. In most cases, players are simply looking to set a new record for the fewest A button presses possible.

UncommentedPannen, YouTuber pannenkeok2012’s secondary channel, has proven that a 0xA elevator ride in the volcano is possible. Using a tool-assisted speedrun, they dive their way into the volcano, where purposefully touching the lava and being rocketed into the air lets them tangle with a Bully, the horned Super Mario 64 enemy that must be pushed into the lava for to be defeated. Due to their AI behavior in this particular version of the game, they can also be pushed around in the lava. This leads to the wildest part of the run: at about a minute into the videoPannen begins a 21-hour process (expedited, of course) of jostling the thug around to eventually get him onto the same elevator to take to the Star.

Obviously, the process for a 0xA Star of any kind is quite complicated. You can’t do such a thing in the Nintendo Switch version of the game through Super Mario 3D All-Stars, but you can at least play it with a Switch-compatible Nintendo 64 controller. Super Mario 64 is also available via the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, which also includes related games such as Mario Golf and Paper Mario.

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