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Street Fighter 6 recasts Ken voice actor Reuben Langdon seemingly over political tweets – Effinate Games

In case you missed it Street Fighter 6 character reveal earlier this week – a small but missing change was David Matranga takes over as the voice of Ken Masters.

This wouldn’t normally come as much of a surprise as voice actors change often, but it looks like Reuben Langdon was removed from Street Fighter 6 because of public records that touched on political issues.

The former voice of Ken Masters from Street Fighter IV in 2008 right up to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in 2018 has been replacedpossibly due to what some say are “problematic” tweets.

Reuben has shown nothing but class and reacts to the news in sent out tweets Today:

“I’m sad to no longer be the voice of Ken because he’s a character that’s very close to me,” Langdon said. “There are many lessons here in this situation. I tried my best to be epithet to people on all sides, but I have to be myself no matter what and continue on my own journey.”

He added, “Hopefully the next actor will take the character to the next level and audiences will continue to love the legend that has become Ken Masters. Shoryuken!”

Twitterati are, as expected, celebrating his release:

“Reuben Langdon is no longer the voice of Ken in Street Fighter 6. Please let Dante be next. This man is lost,” said another user.

Another user said “Man, I’d love it if Super Smash Bros. Ultimate retroactively recast David Matranga over Reuben Langdon as Ken, now that we know the latter is a problematic person.”

Old tweet screencaps from Reuben confirms that he appears to have been anti-COVID lockdowns, anti-forced vaccinations and pro-Republican. He has also defended other personalities deemed “problematic,” such as the former MMA fighter turned actress Gina Carano of The Mandalorian fame and voice actor Vic Mignogna.

Since it is the trifecta of opinions that these types of people are looking for, they are happy to find that someone has once again had their livelihood taken away from them.

I’m Bernie Sanders at this point, asking once again why someone’s political opinion matters when they’re playing the role of a fictional character. There are plenty of people I disagree with politically across every conceivable sphere of entertainment, and that’s perfectly fine, as it doesn’t dampen or inhibit my ability to enjoy their work at all.

In fact, I miss the old days when celebrities were much less accessible than they are now, so I had no idea who they voted for or how they feel about every little social issue that comes up. How little of a life do you have to have to be obsessed with trying to make sure that someone who doesn’t agree with how you believe isn’t able to make a living?

This situation is unfortunate for Reuben, but no one will ever be Ken Masters in my head, except for the guy who voiced him in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie – Eddie Frierson. Since most of you have probably never seen it, you should make it a classic, even if it’s a little dated, but then I’m old too, so get off my lawn.

Street Fighter 6 launching in 2023 across Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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