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Steam opens beta testing for new version of mobile app – Effinate Games

As of today, gamers are looking for a more refined and improved version of Steam app can experience the beta test for the new release of said app. Since Steam is easily the most popular PC/Mac-oriented platform for gaming, and the original application for it was, quite frankly, quite subpar, this new release seeks to provide a more manageable way to keep track of your library, your friends list , or even buy games from your phones to download to your computer.

Steam needs no introduction, but for those of you who might not play games on PC, this is it Valve‘s storefront for all kinds of titles and new releases. Almost everyone who plays games on their computer uses Steam, and until now the only option you had to manage it from your phone was a dated app that was known to be unreliable and painful to navigate.

Now, however, Valve has begun beta testing a new release of the Steam Mobile app that will hopefully have a much better user interface and allow users to more easily manage everything from their pocket. The beta is open to all Steam users, with instructions available if you want to join the beta.

They’re running a beta so users can provide feedback and suggest any needed changes, which is always good news as it means the full release will be geared towards the community and what they want from the app.

And if you’re curious about what exactly this app will allow you to do, imagine what you can do on the actual desktop version of Steam and put it in your pocket. You’ll be able to use Steam’s social system to message friends, add new ones and more, as well as buy and download games, check out community pages and even browse the markets that different titles have associated with them. Anything but playing the games essentially.

Basically, this is all good news for anyone who was getting tired of using the now seriously dated Steam app, and it’s exciting to see Valve finally step up and address changes that users have been wanting for a while. Be sure to check it out and give all the feedback you want to make sure it launches in the best shape!

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