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Steam Deck announces Repair Center alternative to iFixit – Effinate Games

Steam Deck has officially announced that repair centers are open so users don’t (necessarily) resort to self-repairs anymore. The centers will support all services, including those not covered by the warranty, if fans are willing to pay a fee. You can see the full statement from Steam Deck’s Twitter feed here:

The news comes as a huge relief to fans who have already been lucky enough to acquire their Steam Decks. The Steam Deck has proven to be one of the most sought-after consoles or devices in the industry, but it has also made repairs difficult.

Since May 2022, owners have had to rely on replacement parts and guides from iFixit. Steam Deck was “designed to be repairable” according to iFixit post, and it’s a smart business idea. But fans who are a little younger or not as tech savvy have had some issues. After all, simple repairs are not always the solution to certain problems.

The new announcement draws a very careful line between free and paid services, but overall it’s a great step forward. The examples given also indicate the actual depth of support, note thumbstick recalibration and more.

Fans received the news with unanimous praise, comparing the grand gesture to indifferent competitors and even the reduction of e-waste.

Now, Steam Deck has not only proven that its game library will be a real threat to the competition, but also the customer service. It’s a very rare thing and really marks a bright future for the console. Very few companies in the gaming industry, or anyone else, support this kind of service.

Fans can simply send their device to the centers and it will be sent back. It remains to be seen whether the service will actually work successfully in practice.

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