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State of Survival celebrates third anniversary and 150 million download milestone with a ton of in-game events and free rewards – Effinate Games

FunPlus and their KingsGroup Studio has announced that their popular free-to-play strategy mobile game Survival mode is celebrating its third anniversary since its launch along with the milestone of 150 million downloads. This celebration will see new heroes added along with some in-game events as well as community driven events.

Let’s start with the new heroes first! One of the big rewards that will be given out is the new heroes Buzz and Scope. Buzz is a guitarist decked out in a punk-rock aesthetic, bent on earning all these zombies the gig of a lifetime by murdering them all, of course. Scope, on the other hand, is a quiet, tormented lone wolf sniper who lost his partner long ago and has been wandering aimlessly ever since. Both of these new heroes will be available to players who have passed Generation 9 in the game.

To celebrate the 150 million downloads, players who log in during this celebration will get themed frame avatars, a series of log-in events that will hand out free rewards, cosmetic decorations, new episodes of their Meet The Survivors miniseries, and more rewards to be announced later this week through State of Survival social channels.

State of Survival has quickly become a massive name among the strategy mobile game crowd, and now has the download numbers to prove it. It has hosted crossovers with massive properties like The Walking Dead and Warner Bros, added iconic characters from both, and will likely continue to grow for a while.

If you’re looking for a strategic base-building game with a little bit of turn-based combat in there, or if you just want to kill some zombie hordes, State of Survival might be the game for you. And with all these events going on now, there’s never been a better time to try it out!

If you would like to do so, you can download State of Survival for free at one of the links below! In the meantime, take a look official Twitter account for news about these rewards that will be announced later!

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