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Splinter Cell remake to update story for a “modern day audience” – Effinate Games

We finally got some tidbits on the previously announced Splint cell remake as few details were given outside of the game using their new Snowdrop engine.

While the Snowdrop engine will also be used for upcoming titles such as Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and their own Star wars game, a new job posting from Ubisoft may hint at some of the changes coming for the game compared to its original.

The company is hiring a screenwriter for the game, which has all the usual when it comes to a hiring page, but upon closer inspection, there’s a small note confirming a big change for the remake.

Some state that they are looking to use the first Splinter Cell as a foundation as they “rewrite and update the story for a modern audience”, while also wanting to retain the spirit and themes of the original game.

The upcoming Splinter Cell remake is the only current project Ubisoft has in the works for the franchise, which would be the first mainline release in a decade. They had been working on a VR game for the series, but recently canceled it along with Ghost Recon Frontline.

A few years back they had also announced plans for an anime of the series with John Wick writer Derek Kolstad, although few details have been given since the initial announcement beyond a small amount in 2021.

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