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Splatoon 3 temporarily removes a ranked game type due to a ridiculous bug – Effinate Games

Splatoon 3 introduced Anarchy Battles as a replacement for the previous two games’ ranked battles, but they still function pretty much the same. At least they should. Rainmaker mode has been temporarily removed as an option due to a rather unfortunate bug.

Splatoon 3’s latest version 1.2.0 update brought some quality of life and balance changes to the game, but it also caused major issues in Rainmaker. The game mode works as a hybrid of keep away and capture the flag, as teams carry the titular Rainmaker statue towards the enemy base, earning points as they pass checkpoints along the way. Unfortunately, the bug caused the counter to shrink to a single point upon touching a checkpoint, which of course negates all the hard work players put into wearing the thing in the first place. As announced by Nintendo on Twitter (and translated by @OatmealDome), Rainmaker has been temporarily disabled as a result of the bug, but will be restored via an update “in the near future.”

This isn’t the first time Splatoon 3 players have had to contend with a troublesome bug. Some broken weapons allowed players to blast each other through walls and floors, and it’s obviously not meant to be. Additionally, there was a nasty Tacticooler exploit fixed by update 1.1.2.

Despite bugs and other issues, Splatoon 3 continues to be a smash hit. In September, 69% of all physical game sales in Japan were Splatoon 3 – a number that is as astonishing as it is internet joke-worthy. Anyone playing the game can also look forward to a new trio of Amiibo figures arriving next month. A Blue Octoling, a Yellow Inkling, and a Small Fry will be released on November 11th.

The same day is also the start of Splatoon 3’s next Splatfest. The next three-way color war will be a Pokémon Scarlet and Violet tie-in, asking players to side with their preferred starter type: green grass, red fire, or blue water.

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