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Splatoon 3 datamining may hint at three new Salmon Run modes coming in future updates – Effinate Games

A reliable dataminer has discovered potential new Salmon Run modes in Splatoon 3. The dataminer passing by Oatmeal Dome on Twitter, found new modes labeled Pair, Underground, and Contest in the title’s files. These new game modes are likely part of an upcoming update that Nintendo has yet to announce. OatmealDome believes these modes may be for Salmon Run, where Pair and Underground have their own pay grades and titles. Underground will also have higher odds than the typical Salmon Run game.

OatmealDome suggests that the modes could also be a limited-time event like the Big Run. Salmon Run is a game mode introduced as a limited event in Splatoon 2 and returned as a permanent mode called Salmon Run Next Wave in Splatoon 3. Salmon Run is a co-op multiplayer event where up to four players can team up to battle against three waves of enemies. Each wave has a timer and players must meet a quota to complete a wave. The main objective of Salmon Run is to defeat enemies called salmon and collect items they drop called Power Eggs and Golden Eggs.

If players do not meet the quota, all players will be splashed and their shift will be ended. The quota in each salmon run is determined by how many players are present and the ranks of all the players. Players’ rank and job title are separate from the main Splatoon 3 multiplayer level and rank. The five ranks for the Salmon Run are Apprentice, Part-Timer, Go-Getter, Overachiever and Profreshional.

The potential new Salmon Run modes that OatmealDome discovered could add more variety to the gameplay and make it fresh for players who have exhausted every possible gameplay option currently presented in the mode. Splatoon 3 has proven to be a huge hit for Nintendo, especially in its home country of Japan, so it makes sense that the game will receive updates going forward.

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