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Space strategy sim Terra Invicta launching on Steam Early Access on September 26 – Effinate Games

Image: Terra Invicta

Terra Invicta is a strategic space simulation game where you must lead your faction and expand your reach across the solar system. From Pavonis Interactive and Hooded horseTerra Invicta launches in Early Access via Steam on September 26, 2022.

The official trailer for the announcement date shows general gameplay, including aliens, missions, and the tough choices you’ll have to make.

In Terra Invicta, an alien problem is discovered and is approaching Earth. Unbeknownst to humanity, the aliens have established themselves in the icy Kuiper Belt and have begun mining a planet in preparation for their invasion.

When the many nations of Earth cannot come together to solve this crisis, a hidden group of like-minded people from politicians, military leaders, and scientific minds come together to prepare for the aliens. But since the alien’s movements are so unclear, many factions begin to emerge – some filled with hope and others driven by their greed. As players, you will control one of these factions.

The factions include:

  • The Resistance: they work to form alliances with nations to coordinate defense.
  • Humanity First: they promise to kill the aliens and all alien sympathizers.
  • The Servants: they worship the aliens and believe they can solve Earth’s problems.
  • The Protectorate: they favor negotiated surrender as a way to avoid the annihilation of humanity.
  • The Academy: they hope the arrival of the aliens is the beginning of an interstellar alliance.
  • The initiative: they want to seek profit from the chaos.
  • Project Exodus: they hope to build massive spaceships and escape to another solar system.

The key features of this game include:

  • Explore a vast solar system with over 300 asteroids, moons and planets that you will need to mine or construct bases on.
  • Play as the leader of a shadow organization where you compete with other factions for control points.
  • Use politicians, scientists and operatives whose abilities can be upgraded by gaining influence over powerful organizations or corporations.
  • Cooperate or pit factions against each other. Whether you want to work together or destroy your competitors is up to you.
  • Build space stations where you can refuel your ships and use them as research or construction facilities.
  • Supports modding games.

Become the leader of a shadowy organization and explore a vast solar system Terra Invicta, launches in Early Access on Steam on September 26. Be sure to check out our latest news section for more great content!

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