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SOULVARS ports on PC and consoles launch in 2023 – Effinate Games

Publisher Shueisha Games and developer ginolabo announced a release window for SOULVARS previously planned PC and console ports.

SOULVARS comes to PC (via Steam) and consoles sometime in 2023 – news announced at the Tokyo Game Show. The game was previously released for iOS via App store and Android via Google Play.

Here’s a new trailer:

Here is an overview of the game:

Burn your soul! SOULVARS is a pixel art turn-based deck-building RPG where your party of soul bearers face off against invading dominators in dynamic, high-speed combat.


  • A future where human souls can be digitized – Humanity faces the consequences of its technology with the sudden appearance of grotesque Dominators. Elite units of Soulbearers, next-generation humans born with alternate souls, are sent day and night to intercept and counter Dominator attacks. The story follows Yakumo, a freelance soul carrier, as he handles assignments from the private military contractor “DDO” (Dominator Disposal Organization).
  • Deep, exciting battles and character growth – Experience the best of both worlds – dynamic pixel art animations and turn-based tactical planning. Each enemy is a puzzle to solve, a challenge to overcome!
    Identify their weaknesses and combine Soulbit actions to unleash powerful finishing moves! Explore the cityscape and hunt unique Dominators for rare and powerful equipment on your way to mastering the ultimate art!
  • Super-enhanced port of recognized mobile original – The original mobile version, released in January 2022, climbed the rankings to #1 for paid RPG apps and #2 for paid game apps on both Google Play and iTunes (in Japan), and continues to garner great acclaim (4, 6 average score on iTunes, 4.8 on Google Play as of September 2022). The Steam version offers an improved horizontal user interface and intuitive controller input, combining the speed of SOULVARS with full dynamics on your favorite screen!

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