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Sony supposedly prepping a PlayStation 5 with a detachable disk drive, rumors indicate – Effinate Games

If you’re able to get your hands on a shiny new PlayStation 5 these days, you have two choices: a model with a disc drive, and a slightly lower-priced model without a disc drive. Just like choosing between a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, it’s an important choice to make. You can’t just add a disc drive to the digital PS5 afterwards – at least not yet.

Insider game reports that a new PS5 model with a removable disc drive is on the way. According to the site’s sources, the console would have the same internal components and processing power as current models, but housed in a different chassis. As such, a removable USB-C powered disk drive would be included in the package. The current PS5 models already have a single USB-C port on the front, but the new one will include another on the back. The new model will reportedly go on sale in the 2023 fiscal year, which begins on April 1 for Sony.

This new package has two advantages. First, it could mean a slimmer PS5, which would be a good thing for such a large console. Second, the disc drive will also reportedly be sold separately, meaning all-digital PS5 owners can use discs with the console’s existing USB-C port. A disc is required for certain current-gen game upgrades if you don’t own the game digitally, and a drive would ensure that even those with the all-digital console could get such upgrades.

Sony has also updated the PS5 software recently. The console now offers 1440p output and the ability to create folders to better organize your digital game collection. The next big game coming to the console is God of War: Ragnarok, which will be released on Wednesday, November 9. It will also be released on PlayStation 4, and players can upgrade to the current version for a fee. This reported removable disk drive would give brick-and-mortar owners the same option down the road.

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