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Sony has Completely Redesigned PlayStation 5’s Internals – Effinate Games

The PlayStation 5 was recently updated to a new version which is considered to be the CFI 1200 series. The biggest difference came in the form of lower weight. The disc edition of the PlayStation 5 now weighs what the original digital PS5 weighed in 2020. But when you check the internals, the PlayStation 5 has completely redesigned the internals.

The new PS5 version has completely revamped the inside

The new model is currently not available in any part of the world except Australia. YouTuber Austin Evens in a recent video imported one from Australia and compared it to the older versions both internally and performance wise.

Update PlayStation 5 2022

Performance differences (thermal, current draw, etc.)

While visually there is no difference from the outside, the internal components have been changed a lot. The PlayStation 5 CFI 1200 series weighs around half a kilogram less than the original CFI 1000 PS5. But there are also a few key differences in performance.

In Austin’s test, the original PS5 CF 1000 drew 217 watts, the PS5 CFI 1100 drew 229 watts, and the latest version drew the least power at just 201 watts, which is a significant difference. Moving on to fan noise, almost all versions have equal noise. The CFI 1100 is slightly higher due to the larger fan.

For the thermals, version CFI 1100 ran hottest at 63 degrees Celsius at a hotspot. While the other two kept around 53 degrees. This is commendable as the PS5 CFI 1200 is the lightest of them all.

Internal differences

The interior is where things change a lot and get really interesting. The most noticeable difference when you remove the disc plates in all versions will be the slots. The latest version has more slits in the body for ventilation. Turning to the other side, the new version also has a shorter circuit board and more metal, which Evans says could result in better heat dissipation.

ps5 redesigned internally
PlayStation 5 Redesigned Internals

Tearing down the PS5s gives us the greatest insight into how Sony has managed this feat. While the CF 1100 model made the heatsink smaller than the original, the latest version has not only made the heatsink even smaller, but also the motherboard. Evans claims that together they weigh around 1.1kg less than the older version. This could also explain the lower power consumption.

The new version has not yet been launched in other parts of the world. More information on durability and performance will be revealed after full testing. Stay tuned to know more about it in the future.

What are your thoughts on the PlayStation 5’s internal redesign? Let us know in the comments below.

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