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Sonic Frontiers Tokyo Game Show trailer confirms Super Sonic, volcano zone – Effinate Games

Each Sonic Frontiers trailer has taught us something new about the upcoming adventure. One of the latest showed the Chaos Emeralds, which left fans wondering what Sonic would do when he got his hands on the entire collection. If you guessed “turn into Super Sonic”, you’d be right.

Sonic limits Just got a TGS trailer, and as you can see from even just the thumbnail image below, Super Sonic is the highlight. “Dangerous new enemies require powerful new abilities,” teases the trailer’s description. The trailer itself shows Sonic taking on a giant enemy in a battle that brings games like Shadow of the Colossus to mind. To fight these titanic foes, Sonic will have to unleash his golden, flying form. We see a brief moment of what looks like Super Sonic gameplay to close out the trailer as Sonic zooms towards the towering villain.

Super Sonic isn’t new to the franchise, but this will be the first time fans will be able to fly around an open world – or open “zone” as Sega prefers to call it. The non-linearity of all the recurring stages in zones in Sonic Frontiers should be fun to explore, especially from up in the sky.

The TGS trailer also confirms a volcanic biome, which was first seen during an art book preview. There are only a few images of the zone to check out, but we can see dark volcanic rock under Sonic’s feet, rivers of lava that you’ll definitely want to avoid, and more of the shadowy enemies that we’ll have to face in the race of the adventure. The trailer also features the recently revealed Sonic Frontiers theme song, ONE OK ROCK’s Vandalize.

There are only a few more months until Sonic Frontiers arrives. Its release date is November 8, and it will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and the Epic Game Store. Pre-orders for its various editions are available now.

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