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Sonic Frontiers theme song Vandalize revealed by SEGA and ONE OK ROCK – Effinate Games

Sonic the Hedgehog fans have had a lot of questions about Frontiers ever since it was first teased. What stages and zones will be in the final games? Who is Sage, the ghost girl? And most importantly for some, what will the Frontiers theme song sound like? We’ve had lots of responses, and the last question is the latest to be ticked off the list.

It’s called “Vandalize,” and it’s performed by ONE OK ROCK, a Japanese band that’s been in the record business since 2005. Musically, it’s a much more atmospheric tune than some of Sonic’s previous themes—a deliberate tonal choice to match the open. -the world character of the game. Sega calls it “an amazing and fitting track to be paired with Sonic for his latest journey on the Starfall Islands” in the description of the accompanying YouTube video. You can watch (and listen) below.

Checking the comments below the video, “Vandalise” seems to be receiving high praise from the Sonic fan base. In fact, several commenters mention that they’ve always thought ONE OK ROCK would be a good collaboration for the Sonic games, so it’s nice to see their wish come true. Others get a nostalgic vibe from the theme song, which captures “old 2000s AMVs” vibes and “the same energy as several iconic songs from the Adventure era.” Anything that gets compared to Adventure hits a sweet spot for fans.

As for when they can experience the full game, Sonic Frontiers’ release date is Tuesday, November 8th. It’s coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. There are two different versions available for pre-order, although some may be disappointed to hear that there isn’t a high-level Collector’s Edition for those willing to shell out the extra cash. At least more Sonic Frontiers merchandise is on the way, according to the latest leaks.

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