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Sonic Frontiers reveals Super Sonic in new TGS trailer – Effinate Games

Sonic limits has continued to slowly win over fans with each new reveal, and the latest TCG trailer has revealed some fan favorite Super Sonic action. Sonic limits is scheduled to release on November 8, 2022. It will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and Steam.

The new trailer features both breathtaking footage and new gameplay footage. You can watch the full TGS trailer on Sonic’s YouTube channel here:

Sonic limits was met early on with many crossed arms. Fans weren’t sure about the combat systems, let alone the bold new open-world direction.

Open worlds have become a big trend lately, but sometimes titles can end up relying on free exploration or side quests instead of a story. And Sonic really requires fast gameplay, so that can be compromised as well.

However, there have been more than a few trailers lately for Sonic limits. After Gamescom 2022, with a fresh demo and plenty of leaked footage online, it seems players are warming up to the game. Even Big the Cat’s fishing mini-game seemed to generate some buzz.

Sonic limits is definitely a different direction for everyone’s favorite hedgehog, and as a lifelong fan since the days of battery-guzzling Game Gears, I’m also curious about the title’s potential.

Fortunately, the new trailer has created a lot of positive hype for the role that the chaos emeralds will play and the reintroduction of Super Sonic. The dazzling gold form has been lost over time, reduced to mere references rather than playing a role in the stories themselves.

This iteration of Super Sonic looks fantastic, and the giant boss revealed in the TGS trailer also reinforces the general sense of scale that fans can expect. It really makes the open world feel more like a conscious tool for a clear vision of grandeur.

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