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Sonic Frontiers leaked footage confirms Big the Cat, fishing minigame – Effinate Games

The list of characters in Sonic Frontiers keeps growing. At this point, you could say the cast is pretty “huge” — literally, thanks to the latest leak. Big the Cat returns in Sonic Frontiers, and yes, that means we’re going fishing.

YouTuber Mtbcooler uploaded Gamescom footage of the cat in question, showing Sonic meeting his big buddy at a fishing spot. Mechanically, the fishing minigame in Sonic Frontiers is rhythm-based: by pressing the button as the ripples from the fish meet an outer ring, Sonic will hook his catch and reel it in with a pretty intense close-up. Given that this particular part of the map is called the “Western Fishing Spot,” we expect to see Big pop up a few times throughout Frontiers’ various stages and zones, presumably with different and harder-to-hook fish as the game goes on.

Big joins a cast that includes Tails, Amy Rose and Dr. Eggman, as well as a mysterious ghost girl named Sage. She has a white, black and red color scheme, with digital code that glows under her clothes. Sonic has been hearing a strange voice in his head in some of the Sonic Frontiers footage, and we recently learned that Sage is the source of it.

Big isn’t the first thing to leak from Sonic Frontiers, either. Both the Sky Sanctuary Zone and a full desert island were seen before being properly introduced in later trailers. A volcanic area was also spotted during the game’s artbook preview video, but that has yet to be confirmed. Given the game’s open-world design (even if Sega doesn’t call it that), a series of biomes makes perfect sense.

It won’t be long before players can explore that world. Sonic Frontiers’ release date is November 8 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. There are two different editions available for pre-order, and there’s also a whole batch of Sonic Frontiers merchandise being made.

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