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Sonic Frontiers artbook preview may have leaked another zone – Effinate Games

Sonic Frontiers will have a series of recurring stages and zones, and the blue blur will streak across a series of large islands, each with its own theme. So far we have seen lush green hills, floating islands in the sky and a very dry desert. We may have just gotten a look at a fourth biome as well.

The official Japanese Sonic YouTube account released a short video showing a Frontiers art book. After about 30 seconds (as seen by BlueStarEXSF on ResetEra), a page of what appears to be a new biome is seen for a moment before the camera dissolves to another shot – a deliberate edit. In the brief moment (captured below), we can see Sonic standing on a black rock by what appears to be a river of lava. Given the variety of areas expected to appear in Sonic Frontiers, a volcanic level would be appropriate. Red Volcano Zone and Volcanic Valley Zone have already appeared in Sonic Blast and Sonic 3D respectively in the past.

Image via Sonic YouTube

It wouldn’t be the first time something from Sonic Frontiers has been leaked. A series of screenshots (like the one at the top of this article) showed off the deserted island before it was officially revealed. There was also a whole batch of merchandise that revealed unannounced characters.

In terms of official information, the Sonic Frontiers theme song recently made its debut. “Vandalise” by ONE OK ROCK is the tune and it has received high praise from the Sonic community so far. We’re sure to hear many more fun songs when the full game arrives.

As for when it will be, Sonic Frontiers’ release date is November 8th. It’s coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. There are two different editions available for pre-order, although the art book seen in this article is not part of either.

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