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Song of Iron II announced for PC and Xbox consoles – Effinate Games

Resting Relic has announced Song of Iron IIa new sequel to their Viking side-scrolling action game.

Song of Iron II launched for Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S sometime in 2023. The original game has been available for PC and Xbox – if you missed it, you can find our in-depth written+video review here.

Here’s the reveal trailer:

Here’s an overview of the new sequel:

Song of Iron II

Run and gun close combat is all about momentum in SONG of IRON II. Keep your enemies at bay with constant pressure or risk being overwhelmed. Harness the power of the gods alongside the technological might of the Empire. In this visceral side-scrolling action adventure.

Explore the world as you freely sail between numerous locations to reach the four remaining warrior clans. Fight to reach each clan and work to either convince them of the truth or force them to follow you. Get stronger and gain abilities before returning to previous locations to search for hidden secrets and new powers.

SONG of IRON II follows the events of SONG of IRON. Your people are captivated by false gods and used as warrior slaves. You must unite the clans, convince them of the truth or force them to follow. War is coming…

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