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Song of Iron 2 reveals first trailer for [email protected] Showcase – Effinate Games

Song of iron 2, a highly anticipated sequel to last year’s side-scroller, has released a new trailer with some narration and stunning new gameplay footage. The game has no confirmed release date, but is currently “coming soon” to Xbox and Steam, where fans can wishlist the game today.

You can watch the full trailer for Song of iron 2 on YouTube here:

The turnaround time for a sequel that looks this good is truly an impressive surprise. While the original Song of Iron deftly played with shadows and backgrounds to strategically save on the budget, the follow-up already looks like a hugely polished game by comparison.

This is not only evident in the details and textures, but the overall depth and immersion seen in the trailer. The music, the traces of history in the narrative and many different enemies are all highlights of today’s reveal.

Everything that made the previous game interesting has been improved and deepened without losing the distinctive personality. The series has uniquely blended fantasy and technological elements in a successful way because it also chooses a lane and excels there.

The first game was relatively short, but Steam product page to Song of iron 2 explains that players will have the opportunity to sail to “four remaining warrior clans”. This promises even more world building, which the original absolutely deserved. However, it is clear that the game will not sacrifice a frenetic pace, continuing with more run and gun action.

The song of Iron 2 success will certainly be bolstered by the continued popularity of Viking settings such as i God of War: Ragnarok, which will be released in November. The original Song of Iron still boasts “mostly positive” reviews on Steam, but many have considered it somewhat mediocre. Fortunately, it created plenty of room to grow, and the trailer seems to hint at the game that everyone really wanted the first time around.

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