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Smash Legends adds new Legend Gumi and special in-game packages in August update – Effinate Games

5minlab (as owned by KRAFTON Inc.) has officially released its exciting August update for Smash Legends, letting players get their hands on a new Legend and more in-game goodies this month. The real-time PvP action game adds the 29th legend named Gumi to the fray, plus launches special in-game packs that players can purchase for extra in-game perks.

In Smash Legends, players can expect to score Magical Sharpshooter Gumi, the 29th legend who utilizes a magical fan to deal massive wind and fire damage. Gumi can be acquired via Smash Pass when reaching level 10.

The August update also adds special packs that can be purchased in-game, such as the One-Time 10x Save. The 14-day daily pearl packs are also up for grabs. The former lets players buy 200 gems at a special price of 20 gems, while the latter allows players to get 15 gems daily for a total of 210 gems.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the game, the real-time PvP action title lets players duke it out in fast-paced battles using 29 legends based on recreated adventures across five modes.

If you fancy joining in on the fun, catch Smash Legends on Google Play Store for Android devices and on iOS App Store. It’s a free game with in-app purchases. You can also join the community of followers on the official one website to stay updated on all the latest developments, visit the official Twitter page for more info, or check out the embedded clip above to get a feel for the game’s vibes, gameplay, and visuals as well.

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