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SIE donates $25k to ASPCA with Stray tie-in – Effinate Games

Latest PlayStation release The stray was an instant hit and it looks like SIE has decided to donate money to help some real animals in need. In addition to the donation, PlayStation has invited players to be part of a digital gift by submitting pet reactions to the game.

Although the donation is a little low for such a big business, it is a great gesture nonetheless, and the ASPCA certainly deserves all the donations it can get.

The stray has a smart, touching story with remarkable graphics. But it also boasts a unique understanding of cats that shows a lot of genuine love for them and animals in general. Not just the appeal, but the behavior as well, and that realism really made for an immersive adventure.

Aside from the agility and the habits, there is a genuine quirkiness, cleverness and emotion that can easily be overlooked. Cats don’t always get the best reputation, and there are plenty of real strays dealing with a rough time.

The fact that The stray was able to make a great game first, and still convey its messages in an organic way, is highly commendable. It’s the most effective way to get any kind of theme across, and it should have a serious positive impact on players.

Cats also have a habit of locking themselves onto the TV screen, depending on the right activity. So PlayStation has invited gamers to engage with their donation. Fans can submit their real pet reactions to the game for a chance to be included in a digital giveaway.

These kinds of photos and videos are fun to browse regardless, so hopefully this will encourage casual gamers to support the ASPCA and help them continue their hard work.

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