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Shoot ’em up sequel Radirgy 2 announced – Effinate Games

Publishes BEEP and develops RS34 announced the shoot ’em up sequel Radiology 2.

Radiology 2 will launch for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. sometime in the summer of 2023 for Japan. The original game has been available worldwide, for the Switch.

Here’s a new teaser trailer:

Here is a brief overview of the game:

Radirgy is a vertical scrolling Shoot’em Up game that first appeared as an arcade game title in 2005. With the tagline “toon pop radio wave shmup”, the game later appeared on a variety of home video game consoles and gained popularity.

Radirgy 2 is a new, highly developed Shoot’em Up Game. This evolutionary version of the game is titled “radio wave shmup Re-proposed.” “Murasame”, the player’s own machine, evolves in various ways to help the player.

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