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Shirone: The Dragon Girl is getting a Switch port – Effinate Games

Publisher Flyhigh Works and developer Oimoland announced a Switch port to Shirone: The Dragon Maiden, their 3D adventure game.

Shirone: The Dragon Maiden coming to Switch on September 29, confirmed at Tokyo Game Show 2022.

Shirone: The Dragon Maiden was originally released for Windows PC (via Steam) back in March 2022. A playable demo is also available on the game’s Steam page.

Here is an overview of the game:

Shirone: The Dragon Maiden

Imagine waking up in a haunted castle. “Where am I?” You ask every creature you see, but none of them know. The only thing you are sure of is that you have to get out of here. This is the situation Shirone is in and she needs your help to escape.

“Shirone: the Dragon Girl” is a 3D adventure game where you help Shirone solve puzzles and riddles to find a way out of a haunted castle. Escaping the castle is the main objective, and to do that you need to make full use of her wings and tail!

Find clues to solve the puzzles that block your escape. Your imagination and creativity are what will help you find the right passage.

Key features

  • Shirone’s Action – Double jump using her wings and use her tail to pull levers! Find the output in each step.
  • 3D puzzle stages – “How can you get from point A to B?” “What can you do to open the way?” You’ll have to observe Shirone’s surroundings carefully to figure out the right answer.
  • The haunted castle is full of strange monsters – Shirone isn’t the only one who wandered in. How did they all end up in the castle? It will all slowly come to light as you progress through the stages.
  • Adventure in style – Each scene has “mystery pieces” scattered around. Collecting them unlocks hairstyles and clothes to dress Shirone in.

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