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Seven Knights 2’s latest update introduces two new heroes and a PvE mode – Effinate Games

Last month, Nermarble celebrated 300 days since the launch of the popular mobile RPG Seven Knights 2. The milestone was celebrated with The Carnival event, which introduced three new characters and additional story chapters. Today, the developers have released a new update that builds on this amazing roster with two more characters, along with a bunch of new events and PvE missions.

Let’s dive right into the new heroes added in Seven Knights 2’s latest content update. First up we have Kyle, a Legendary+ character who also goes by the name Chains of Vengeance. He is an attack-type hero who uses his trusty weapon which is, yes, you guessed it, chains. His ability to inflict the Branding effect on enemies allows Kyle to deliver massive damage to enemies while also giving him stealth to reduce the damage received.

The other hero is a legendary, universal character called Bai Jiao, who has been labeled an architect of despair. He is an extremely skilled fighter who makes use of his unique ability to control his opponents’ actions, making him a must-have.

In the next two weeks, until September 28, several events will be held. During the Maple Craft event, players can create legendary and higher weapons and armor by collecting maple leaves through exploration. Daily missions will give double the rewards, and in addition, players can earn up to 50% more goodies just by playing the game.


Finally, the update also includes a new PvE mode called Maze of Trials. It sees heroes become enemies to test the skills of the commanders. Winning matches will grant players Maze Shards and Maze Fragments that can be exchanged for exclusive items such as the Moonstone.

Get your hands on all these new characters by downloading Seven Knights 2 for free by clicking one of the links below.

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