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Sega announces partnership for first blockchain game – Effinate Games

Sega has announced their partnership with double, a blockchain company based in Japan.

This partnership is for the development of a new Sangokushi Taisen title, which will be the company’s first game based on blockchain technology. There is no release date or platform in regards to the upcoming game.

It is known that double will handle the development of the new Sangokushi Taisen title, whereas IP owner Sega is of course only providing the license for the title.

The game will be built on the company’s “Oasys” blockchain technology, which you can learn more about on their website. The quick summary of the technology is that they claim it will be “environmentally friendly”, a contentious point when the discussion of cryptocurrency, NFTs and other related technologies is mentioned.

This new technology also supports NFTs, which is not a surprise since Sega has already partnered with double to sell NFT digital content.

As for what’s to come Sangokushi Taisen game, double has already stated that they will be using images from the franchise. However, details of how the game actually plays are still in doubt, along with how this will work as a blockchain-based game.

Given previous news from Sega stating that they would drop the concept of NFTs should they prove unpopular with fans, it is likely that the success and response to this game’s announcement and eventual release will be huge importance to the company and their future with blockchain technology.

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