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Sega announces Like A Dragon: Ishin! coming in 2023 – Effinate Games

Sega and RGG Studio have announced Like A Dragon: Ishin!, a remake of Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin! which will be coming to Western audiences for the first time in 2023. Previously only released in Japan on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 in 2014, this looks to be a complete remake using RGG Studio’s new Dragon Engine. Yakuza series producer Daisuke Saito mentioned back in 2021 that he would love to bring Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin! and Ryū ga Gotoku Kenzan! to the west, but they would require a replay rather than a straight gate. Now it seems he has made good on his word.

This spinoff of the popular Yakuza series places players in the Bakumatsu phase of late Edo period Japan. In this entry in the action RPG series, you play as Sakamoto Ryōma, an influential figure from the Edo period. After being involved in a bloody coup and seeing his mentor assassinated, Sakamoto takes up a hidden identity on the streets of Japan and joins the Shinsengumi, the infamous special police force that served as protectors of the shogunate.

While actual historical figures appear in this game, the story is largely fiction. Although loosely based on Sakamoto Ryōma’s life, this game embellishes many elements of his story and takes cues from the main Yakuza games for its characters and narrative, such as Sakamoto having the same face and voice as protagonist Kiryu Kazuma.

Like A Dragon: Ishin! currently releasing sometime in February 2023 for Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. Right now there is no news on a PC version or if this is a console exclusive. More details on Like A Dragon: Ishin! will be shown on September 14th during Sega’s RGG Summit 2022.

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