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SEGA announces first expansion for strategy hit Humankind – Effinate Games

Humanity, the turn-based strategy game that explores the entirety of human history, just got a new trailer for its very first expansion “Together We Rule”. While no concrete release date has been confirmed yet, it is currently slated for release sometime this fall.

The full trailer for Humanity’s the expansion is mostly cinematic, with only a glimpse of some actual gameplay. You can watch the full trailer on SEGA’s official YouTube channel here:

Although fans don’t get to see much in the trailer, this successfully places the focus on the strong, uplifting message of the narrative. It’s a sense of diplomacy that absolutely needs to be heard in today’s chaotic climate. However, it also remains wide enough to avoid frustration from players who prefer not to hear anyone statement about the real world in their games.

According to today’s official blog, there will be a number of new and current features for both diplomacy and espionage. This includes the operation of agents and the leverage resource.

These are very potent ideas that really help Humanity compete with similar games like Civilization. It’s a clever addition that gives players a path to victory that avoids violence and would require even more strategy.

Adding embassies, congress and new cultures also helps Humanity catching up with long-standing features that have been established for a while in its competition, without losing its own sense of personality. The new “natural wonders” and the push for diplomacy are clearly aimed at creating an atmosphere of respect.

Fans have had nothing but praise for the announcement, and a free update will also be rolling out to improve the independent humans, Third Party Reinforcements, and (finally) the Stealth system. Stealth has had basic problems with visibility.

Humanity was always an ambitious idea, and it seems the developers haven’t given up. It’s important for games like this to establish new territory to stand out, and the expansion has a lot of potential.

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