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Sea Piece Update 8 Log and Patch Notes – Effinate Games

Roblox Sea Piece is an action RPG developed by Mvngo DEV for the platform. In this game you will create a character and try to upgrade them in the world of the popular anime and manga, One Piece. The latest update for the game has been released and brings a variety of new content, changes and bug fixes!

Here’s a look at all the changes that have been made to the game, which were announced on the official Sea Piece Discord. You can also get some free stuff by going to ours Sea piece codes page.


Trade is now added. Level 50+ is required to trade. Only Devil Fruits can be traded at the moment.

New Raid Boss

  • Kizaru Defeat Kizaru at Marine Ford for a chance at Shiny Pika!
  • Aokiji Defeat Aokiji at Marine Ford for a chance at Shiny Hie!

New fruits

  • New Mythical Fruit: Nikyu Nikyu No Mi
  • New Shiny Fruit: Shiny Nikyu Nikyu No Mi (Can only be obtained through the Collector)
  • New Shiny Fruit: Shiny Hie Hie No Mi
  • New Shiny Fruit: Shiny Pika Pika No Mi


  • Shiny Fruit Dealer Price drops to 7/6 billion
  • Four new titles
  • Two new accessories
  • Yoru now has a Haki Aura
  • Pika users now have the Pika Sword
  • Akainu moved to Marine Ford
  • Akainu/Aokiji/Kizaru have shared spawn timers
  • Max level increased: 1200 -> 1300
  • Stat Cap Increase: 2250 -> 2500
  • Many bug fixes
  • Pika
    • Nerfed Pika Barrage: Barrage length nerfed
  • Shiny Yami x Gura
    • Buffet Tsunami: 500 dmg -> 1000 dmg
    • Buffet Guraball: 300 dmg -> 600 dmg
    • Buffed Dark Vortex: 880 total dmg -> 1000 total dmg
    • Buffed Gura Punch: 150×3 damage -> 500×3 damage
  • Yoru
    • Buffed Blade Assault: 8 Second Cooldown -> 5 Second Cooldown
    • Buffed Island Cutter: 10 Second Cooldown -> 8 Second Cooldown
    • Buffed Island Cutter: Travel Distance Damage Very polished
  • Shining Magu
    • Buffed Magu Barrage: 35×20 dmg -> 50×20 dmg
    • Buffed Magu Volcano: 30 second cooldown -> 10 second cooldown

That’s all you need to know about the update for the game. You can find more details on Sea Piece Trello or in the Sea Piece section of our website.

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