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Sea Piece Second Sea Update Log and Patch Notes – Effinate Games

Roblox Sea Piece is an action RPG developed by Mvngo DEV for the platform. In this game you will create a character and try to upgrade them in the world of the popular anime and manga, One Piece. The latest update for the game has been released and brings a variety of new content, changes and bug fixes!

Here’s a look at all the changes that have been made to the game, which were announced on the official Sea Piece Discord. You can also get some free stuff by going to ours Sea piece codes page.


Second Sea has been added to the game! With the addition of 2 new islands:

& Two new managers And a new time-limited event manager

Talk to the npc named “Mvngo” at the shafts to reach the second sea. 1300+ Level required

New fruits

New Conquerer tier devil fruit:

  • Ito Ito No Mi
  • Shiny Ito Ito No Mi (.25%)


  • Increased base hp scaling by 2x
  • PVP Arenas added. You do not lose bounty on death when you die in these areas unless you were attacked before entering the area.

Dash Rework

  • Dash base distance increased
  • Dash cooldown Reduced
  • Dash distance now scales with speed
  • Reworked animations and effects


  • Two new accessories
  • Allied system reworked for crews; shares the exact same functionality except that your crew’s flag is displayed above your head, showing the world who you represent!
  • In Danger system. You are unable to turn off combat while in danger. If you log out of the game/leave the game, you will NOT lose any bounty. You are only at risk if you had PVP enabled and were attacked by another player.
  • Every 20 minutes, an albino sea creature is guaranteed to spawn in the other sea
  • Kuma now drops Shiny Nikyu/Paw (.5%)


  • Shining Magu
    • Magu Eruption/Magu Floor polished: Floor size increased: 20/40 -> 60/80
    • Puncture polished: 200 dmg -> 600 dmg
  • Shining Nikyu
    • Pad Ho Buffed: When buffed with pain removal, gives 5% Max health
    • Ursus Shock Buffed: When buffed with pain removal, gives 5% -> 10% Max Health
  • Shining Mera
    • Flame Burst polished: 15 dmg -> 500 dmg
  • Aces Hat Buffed
    • 2000 Health -> 80000 Health
    • 20% burn damage -> 35% burn damage

That’s all you need to know about the update for the game. You can find more details on Sea Piece Trello or in the Sea Piece section of our website.

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