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Sea of Thieves: The Sirens’ Prize Adventure puts the focus back on Belle and the Sunken Kingdom – Effinate Games

Sea of ​​Thieves’ final adventure saw players travel to the Sea of ​​the Damned to rescue Merrick, who featured prominently in a few different quests over the past few months. However, the next adventure shifts the spotlight to Belle, a mysterious figure who is also closely connected to The Sea of ​​the Damned.

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Entitled The Sirens’ Prize, the new adventure will run for two weeks, from September 15th to September 29th. Players will have to “heed Belle’s warning and delve deep for ancient secrets,” Rare teases in the description of the cinematic trailer. The video itself starts with Belle inside a dark cave, where she reads a bunch of old texts.

“The time of resurrection must be foretold by one reborn as the harbinger of flame,” she reads cautiously from one of the books – commentators taking that tease to mean that Captain Flameheart will return at some point in the future. From there, she goes outside, grabs a buoy and begins to lower herself into the water, declaring that “it’s time to take a dive.” The trailer ends with a shot of a Siren statue with glowing eyes. Given the name of the adventure, we expect to tangle with plenty of smooth sirens as we search for their titular prize.

Belle also mentions that she needs allies, which might make them not a good fit for those who played the previous adventure. A Hunter’s Cry was unplayable in single player and in fact the quest had to be updated due to PvP grief. We don’t know exactly what A Sirens’ Prize will demand of players, but if it involves multiplayer, let’s hope it doesn’t get tangled up in the same shenanigans.

While you’re waiting for The Sirens’ Prize to launch, there’s plenty to do in Sea of ​​Thieves on Xbox and PC. We can show you where to find Lesedi’s Spyglass and how to catch foxes.

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