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SD Gundam G Generation ETERNAL opens applications for beta testers with a start planned for later this month – Effinate Games

Legendary game publisher and developer Bandai Namco has announced that the upcoming mobile rendition of the popular Gundam series, SD Gundam G Generation Eternal, has opened applications to testers for a beta period beginning later in September. This beta will have a good amount of content from the full release and offer some for lucky players to try.

SD Gundam G Generation Eternal looks set to be the next big mobile mecha game, and since it’s based on one of the most popular franchises out there, it might just do the job. Considering the Gundam property is popular enough to have over 20 anime series, numerous video game adaptationsand an absolute boatload of it manga seriesit’s popular enough that almost any new release of Gundam-related media is big news.

As for what Gundam G Generation Eternal’s gameplay will involve, take a look at its sister titles in the SD Gundam series. They all play quite similarly and see you take to a grid-based battlefield to perform tactical combat. Think of games as Dysgea, Final Fantasy Tacticsand that kind of style.

Of course the SD games are also all RPGs and usually involve quite a bit of depth. Between perfect party building, stat min-maxing your units, and making sure the same units are all equipped with the right gear and skills, as there are many to unlock, it’s easy to see how this is a series, that can get quite complex.

But if you’re a fan of strategy games, this is definitely one to try. If you’d like to test your luck and see if you can get into the beta and get your hands on the latest SD Gundam title for yourself, you can do so by checking out this page here.

In the meantime, if you feel like it, you can also check out the official one SD Gundam G Generation Eternal website for more information along with gameplay and screenshots to see if this is the kind of game for you!

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