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Scrap Divers, a brand new game from the creators of Retro Highway, launches later this month – Effinate Games

Gearhead game has announced that their second game as a developer, Scrap Divers, will launch on September 14th. After the launch of Retro highway to relative success, a dedicated fanbase has been eager to see what Gearhead is up to today, and we finally have our answer: a retro-style arcade game that doubles as an endless runner of sorts.

In Scrap Divers, you take on the role of a participant in an underground sport in a dystopian robot society. This sport sees you fall down a seemingly endless tunnel, dodging traps, flames, spikes and everything in between while collecting coins to increase your score and if you’re lucky you’ll find the true end of this tunnel where a suitcase full of scrap gold and your own freedom lay.

Gameplay wise, this is definitely within the endless runner genre. But where temple race or Underground surfers seeing you on a horizontal plane running forward, the Scrap Divers send you rushing in a third-person view behind your character as they fall down this tunnel, avoiding all the various traps that pop up as you go down.

The retro style also comes in with the visuals and the sound. With a 3D pixelated aesthetic with rough edges and smooth textures, it calls back to old SNES-era gaming. The soundtrack does too, with chiptune numbers bopping in the background, keeping you immersed in the intense gameplay.

Scrap Divers also has a roster of over 15 different robots, each with unique abilities and their own respective challenges. Combine that with the 8 unique environments you’ll drop through and there’s quite a bit of variety on display here.

Scrap Divers will launch later this year in the Play Store and App Store as well. There is currently no pre-registration available, but you can follow along Gearhead Game Twitter expect more updates as we get closer to launch!

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