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ScourgeBringer set to release in the very near future – Effinate Games

PID game and Flying Oak game has finally announced the release date for the mobile version of their metroidvania/roguelite combo Scourgebringer: September 13th. This fast-paced roguelite will see you engage in platformer-based battles against a wide variety of enemies as you explore the unknown and try to uncover secrets from your past.

If you missed our look at Scourgebringer when it was announced to be coming to mobile in July, let’s take a closer look at what this little genre-blending romp is all about. After releasing on most modern platforms like PC and Contact, Scourgebringer has become a quiet success within the roguelit scene. Although it might not be quite as big as legendary games like Dead cells or Kill the SproutScourgebringer has created a decent niche among fans of the genre.

This is thanks to its interesting gameplay loop that will see you tackle room after room of gruesome enemies and hunt them down with an attack-only combat system. That’s right – there’s nothing to defend here. Scourgebringer encourages pure aggression, forcing you to time your attacks well in order to dodge incoming attacks instead, making the gameplay feel like something of a dance against your enemies.

Using a wide variety of unlockable consumables, weapons and passive abilities to make your runs easier, each time you die, your progress will happen through repeated runs and bit by bit. While you could beat the game on your first go if you were really talented, it’s more likely that you’ll experience death more than a few times, but each time you’ll have some sort of progress in new unlocks, making the next so much easier.

With a soundtrack created by the legendary Joonas Turner of Downwell and Nuclear Throne fame, the pulsating beats will match the aggression the game expects from you and keep you full of adrenaline. Combine all of this with an engaging story about uncovering your people’s and family’s past, and you’ve got quite the enticing roguelite here.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can pre-order Scourgeringer for just $6.99 at one of the links below! In the meantime, you can also take a look at official website for an in-depth look at all the mechanics.

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