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Samurai Shodown V launches onto mobile courtesy of SNK and Hamster’s ACA NeoGeo library – Effinate Games

After releasing The King of Fighters 2000 last week, SNK and Hamster have now released – you guessed it – another classic fighting game from the days of yore: Samurai Shodown V. Samurai Shodown V is a 2003-released fighter that introduced tons of new concepts into the series such as the Concentration Meter and the Sword Meter. It’s highly regarded like the other Samurai Shodown Entries, and seeing it get the ACA NeoGeo treatment on mobile is wonderful news.

Samurai Shodown as a series is known to be quite unique for many different reasons. For starters, rather than being a heavily combo-based game where if you get hit you’ll get hit at least six more times, this is all about deadly sword strikes dealt to those who can’t control their distance. Two or three strikes with your weapon will likely finish off your opponent quickly, so it remains constantly tense and mimics the reality of a sword fight quite well.

Where these reality-emulating features end is probably the character list, as there are quite a few weirdos in here. While there’s a good mix of regular, katana-wielding samurai characters, there’s also giant mutated people wielding large clubs and a fire torch and the like. This odd mix gives the series a lot of character and really makes it stand out from the rest of the genre, along with the generally lethal style of gameplay.

Samurai Shodown V itself introduced new mechanics to the series, such as the Concentration Meter, which allowed you to dish out a super-deadly attack when it was full. Added alongside the Sword Gauge, which kept track of the durability of your blade, these mechanics freshened up the gameplay loop and added in new ways to keep things interesting.

If you haven’t been keeping up, the ACA NeoGeo releases so far come courtesy of SNK and Hamster and are essentially re-releases of a bunch of classic games from the 80s to 90s, including the first Samurai Shodown itself. They have been released for mobile devices with many modern conveniences built in, such as save modes and online multiplayer.

With all these cool new modern features, this tends to be the best way to play these games today. If you want to try Samurai Shodown V itself, you can check out one of the links below to purchase it for just $3.99. In the meantime, you can take a look at the entire ACA NeoGeo Library so far at official SNK website.

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