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SAMURAI MAIDEN gets December release dates – Effinate Games

D3 Publisher and developer Shade Inc. announced a release date for THE SAMURAI MAIDENtheir recently announced anime girl sword fighting game.

THE SAMURAI MAIDEN launching on December 1st in Japan and December 8th worldwide. The game is set to launch across Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Here’s a new trailer:

English version

Japanese version

Here is an overview of the game:

The best of flowers is the cherry blossoms, and the best of samurai is JK! Defeat monsters in the Warring States Period using stylish swordplay action!

Choking black smoke from a temple consumed by flames. Enraged screams of soldiers echoed on the hallowed ground. And the bearded man before you is none other than… Oda Nobunaga?!

Samurai JK, a master swordsman, is called to Honnoji Temple during the Warring States Period! She and her ninja maidens must enter the underworld of the temple, which is overrun by the denizens of hell!

The Shadow Guard System combines Samurai JK’s swordsmanship with ninja girls’ nunjutsu to wipe out their enemies. Exciting battles unfold as you train your team in the art of kissing, or Kuchizuke no Jutsu and much more!

Slay the demons of the warring states and forge a bond with beautiful maidens in a brand new girls sword fighting game!


Nobunaga Oda, The Honnoji Incident in 1582… 1582…?

Alone in her classroom after school, Tsumugi Tamaori studies under detention. History is not her forte. She especially dislikes having to remember dates.

“I’m glad I wasn’t born in the Warring States,” she mutters to herself. Every single page of her textbook related to that time in history is filled with stories of battles.

This is Tsumugi’s last clear memory before she passes out… When she wakes up, she is no longer in a classroom, but in a temple engulfed in flames: Honnoji.

“If you don’t want to die, you have to fight,” said a bearded man who called himself Nobunaga Oda. However, Tsumugi can’t tell if it’s the real Nobunaga Oda since the only pictures in the history books are woodblock prints.

A crowd of skeletons swarms into the temple. Tsumugi is handed a long Japanese sword. It wasn’t a fake like the ones from fencing practice. This was a real sword.

“It seems I have no choice! If I have to fight, I will fight with all my might!”

June 2, 1582, the Honnoji incident. In the final days of Oda Nobunaga, the hero of the Warring States, a girl named JK is thrown into the fray. It might spice up the history books a bit…

Around THE SAMURAI MAIDEN Asian localized version

The Asian localized version for all platforms includes subtitles in five languages ​​(Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, English and Japanese) to appeal to players worldwide.

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