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Rumor: Halo Infinite studio director of engineering departs – Effinate Games

Recently glory developer 343 Industries Bonnie Ross departed from the company due to a family medical problem. Now another key employee is leaving.

While production manager Pierre Hintze will fill Bonnie’s old position, it looks like more is about to shake up the roster.

A new rumor (via Lords of Gaming) notes David Berger, 343 Industries director of engineering, will leave the studio. He has been part of the team since 2008 and no reason has been given as this information is only given through two anonymous sources.

The rumor was further confirmed by who contacted Microsoft about the matter. They received a reply, but it did not address the Berger rumor at all.

Times seem to be tumultuous too glory developers after the loss of their original leadership. Things have also been difficult when it comes to the latest game, e.g Halo infinite canceling its co-op feature.

In other related news, fans have been working on a “reimagining” of the original trilogy with Halo reborn based on Master master collection.

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