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Rockstar Is Getting Blackmailed After GTA 6 Leaks – Effinate Games

After hours of GTA 6 leaks online, it’s easy to speculate that Rockstar is now in turmoil. Hundreds of developers around the world working for Rockstar have been left stunned after their test version of GTA 6 quickly circulated its way to go viral across the internet. From what is observable, it is easy to say that Rockstar is being blackmailed by the hacker.

The developers are reportedly waiting for a response on Monday morning from the management of Rockstar Games. Until then, several things need to be covered. While the developers wait, the hacker officially announced on GTAForum thread that he is looking to “negotiate a deal.”

Additionally, a large portion of what he claims to possess are the source codes for GTA 5 and 6. Paired with assets from both games. From a leaked conversation on Telegram, he responds to an alleged Rockstar employee disputing how much he actually cares about Rockstar telling them to “ask their IT department to check their logs.”

He later clarified that he no longer wants to sell GTA 6’s source code. If we assume that good intentions may account for the resulting delays. Assuming bad intentions, his words don’t mean he won’t sell the code because of a bad deal from Rockstar. But the GTA 5 source code is still susceptible to being sold.

Take-Two Interactive began issuing DMCA Takedowns to the Antvrus channel responsible for uploading the test build footage. There is no doubt that Take-Two would try to mitigate the damage of the leak. But the fundamental question is whether Take-Two would be able to control all of Internet sharing Videos and pictures of GTA 6? A game the internet has been thirsting for for nine years now.

The frenzy surrounding the leak was predictable, though the hacker claims the footage went “unexpectedly viral.” And since Rockstar is currently being blackmailed, it is obvious that the deed behind the act was not to reveal GTA 6 footage.

Meanwhile, Neil Druckmann, Co-President of Naughty Dog, commented on the GTA 6 leak by saying that The Last of Us: Part II suffered several pre-release leaks. He also notes the overwhelming conditions the developers had to suffer during the leak.

Rockstar’s response to the leak

Rockstar’s website official art

What’s worth thinking about right now is, what’s Rockstar’s plan to deal with the mess? Years of development and effort have been leaked today, so this is actually huge. Take-Two issuing DMCA takedowns will make the case more popular than it has ever been since these are the ones acknowledging that the footage is authentic.

Are they making an official statement about the leak? Or are they releasing the trailer ahead of schedule to mitigate the damage? The reality is that no one really knows what will happen. While the community is curious to see Rockstar break its silence, the developers are under constant stress about the future of their project.

And if I had to guess, the developers are worried about how the community might react. After all, what we saw today was not meant to be seen; since it was a test build. It has been reported that several Rockstar employees are being harassed due to the leak.

If you’re still unsure about the leak’s authenticity, Jason Schrier, a reporter at Bloomberg, tweeted earlier that by the looks of the footage, it seems pretty accurate. They even match exactly what he reported earlier this year about GTA 6.

UPDATES: It seems GTA 5’s source code was already sold for 5 bitcoins (about $100k). This day marks the assassination attempt on GTA 5 and GTA: Online.


Ultimately, this is not a usual day-to-day leak. In fact, this leak is the most significant leak Rockstar Games has gone through since its inception. You can go as far as to call it one of the most massive leaks in the industry ever. Rockstar Games, a company with a market capitalization of over $20 billion, is being extorted and blackmailed in exchange for the source code of GTA 5. Putting aside the sense of entitlement, this is more of a disaster than good news for the industry .

What do you think will happen? Share your speculations about Rockstar’s next move in the comments section below.

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