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Rockstar Games hacker apparently arrested by London Police – Effinate Games

Rockstar Games recently suffered one of the most notable leaks in gaming history regarding what’s to come Grand Theft Auto 6, and now it seems that the perpetrator has been arrested by the London police. Journalist Matthew Keys cites a source to suggest that a 17-year-old has been apprehended:

The hack sparked a lot of controversy online with an equal share of criticism from both the hacker and Rockstar Games themselves. Although the cyberattack was clearly illegal, dozens of clips were stolen from an up-and-comer Grand Theft Auto game, the action also prompted fans to voice their complaints about the studio and their questionable practices.

The response from law enforcement has been pretty amazing. Of course, Rockstar Games has been very strict about the minimum rules, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. Despite the hacker’s crude actions and their intention to initiate some kind of negotiation, many have still been impressed by their age. This has caused quite a few fans to float the idea of ​​them being hired by some tech company in the future.

Either way, this is definitely a win for Rockstar Games and other studios that would fear intrusion. Losing the ability to reveal a complete product and market it your way causes serious damage to the business and reputation of the studio or series. The swift punishment for this hack will likely discourage future activity, especially by younger hackers. At least in terms of major IP and studies.

There was a shocking level of criticism for unfinished gameplay. Fortunately, Rockstar Games promptly confirmed that Grand Theft Auto games and other titles would continue as planned in a damage control tactical tweet:

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