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Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser joins blockchain game studio – Effinate Games

Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser has joined the advisory board of blockchain studio Revolving Games after he took part in a financing round of 13.2 million dollars.

He is best known for co-founding Rockstar Games and worked on most of their biggest titles as a writer or co-writer. His works include the majority of Grand Theft Auto games and bully. Houser left Rockstar Games in March 2020.

Houser would later start a new company called Absurd Ventures, although their plans for the future are currently unknown at the time of writing. With this investment in blockchain gaming, it seems this could be a hint.

Revolving Games is a company with two development studios currently working on 2 blockchain-based games.

One of their games is an MMO themed from the popular sci-fi franchise Battlestar Galactica, in association with NBC Universal. Their second is Skyborne Legacya co-op adventure title inspired by games such as Crossing animals and The Legend of Zelda.

Since the company’s founding, they have raised over $25 million to develop Web3 games and technology.

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