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Rocket League Sideswipe’s futuristic Season 5 with a new Rocket Pass and challenges is live now – Effinate Games

Psyonix has just launched the next season of its popular car-based mobile sports game Rocket League Sideswipe. The players were taken to the past in the previous season, which had a medieval theme. This time around, expect to be sent years ahead as Sideswipe’s fifth season takes place in the future, where everything has a high-tech aesthetic. Like every season, season five features a new Rocket Pass, Seasonal Challenges. Volleyball Mode is also making a return in ranked matches. Players can download the update from their Google Play or App Store. Rocket League Sideswipe’s season five Rocket Pass will have a futuristic theme with advanced cars that look super cool. The new cars introduced with this update include the Chikara G1 and Masamune, along with the high-tech Holo Data Goal Explosion. Other cars can also be modified to fit the theme. Items like the Robo-Visor Topper and Hexphase Boost will ensure that any older vehicle will also look like it belongs in the future. … [MORE]

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