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Road Redemption, the spiritual successor to the 90s combat-racing sim Road Rash, is launching onto mobile in the near future – Effinate Games

In Fall 2017, the spiritual sequel to the legendary 90’s combat racing game Road rash – which was titled Road Redemption – launched on PC and consoles about a year later. Now Road Rash is finally being ported to mobile devices thanks to Pixel Dash Studios and EQ game. This violent motorcycle racing simulator sees you compete across various perilous tracks as you kick, punch and punch your opponents in an attempt to defeat them all.

The combat racing genre has been quite popular over the years – with titles such as Burn out and Twisted Metal are the best examples – but few capture the joy of Road Rash. Maybe it’s just because the game is based entirely on motorcycle racing as opposed to slamming cars against each other, or maybe it’s the visceral nature of the actual full-contact combat as you swing bats at your opponents from the back of a Harley. Something about it just clicks differently than its car combat-based genre contemporaries.

Regardless, this genre itself has remained fairly unexploited on mobile devices, with most of these popular series exclusive to consoles or PC – until now! Road Redemption sees you doing mostly the same things you would in Road Rash. You get on your bike of choice and pick up weapons as you race across the track, slamming your opponents out of the way in an attempt to finish first across the finish line – either due to speed or due to the rest of your competition exploding.

There’s also a degree of customization, between being able to deck out your player character in whatever polka dot outfit you want to rock, as well as being able to color your bike, put some stickers on it, change tires, adjust headlights and more. This allows you to express yourself in a variety of ways so your opponents will know who just bashed in the head with a baseball bat two innings ago and remember you forever.

Although no official release date has been dropped yet, Road Redemption is set to release soon on both iOS and Android. If you’d like to stay up to date with the release date the second it’s announced, you can follow along official website for updates!

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