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Rick Sanchez is coming soon to MultiVersus, new trailer confirms – Effinate Games

MultiVersus shared its first recordings with Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty. This is the first time players get a taste of what Rick will look like in the game. The new trailer confirms that Rick is the next character to join the roster, continuing Gizmo Gremlins and his grandson/partner Morty. Rick has been a highly sought-after character for MultiVersus, with several leaks and data mines pointing to the drunken scientist appearing in the game. No specific release date was given for Rick, but players can expect him soon.

The short teaser trailer shows Wonder Woman chasing down MultiVersus’ original character Reindog. Reindog tries to fire projectiles at Wonder Woman, but Rick’s signature green portal blocks the shots. Then several Mr. Meeseeks out of the teleporter to attack Reindog. The footage ends with Rick stepping out of the portal, the first good look at what he will look like in the game.

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Rick and Morty is a sci-fi animated show centered around the exploits of a cynical genius and his average grandson exploring space and the multiverse. The show is known for its out-there concepts, including Mr. Meeseeks. Meeseeks is the name given to tall, blue beings who live to serve a singular purpose before they leap out of existence. Based on the Rick teaser for MultiVersus, Meeseeks will be included in Rick’s fighting style. Rick likely summons them through a portal to strike the opponent before disappearing after accomplishing their one goal. But aside from the Meeseeks and the green portal, the footage doesn’t show much of how Rick will play.

MultiVersus is a cross-over fighting game featuring the most popular characters owned by Warner Bros. media. The game features several DC superheroes, Looney Tunes sign, Steven Universesign off Game of Thrones, and the Iron Giant. The game is one of the best crossover fighting games and update Version 1.02 has been released with new buffs and nerfs to the playable characters.

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